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Congrats! You have decided to integrate EmployUs and ADP Workforce Now and this guide will provide directions for how to set it up. This integration is supported via ADP's built in reporting capabilities. In about an hour you can build a custom report of your current employees in order to invite them to your referral program and check if a referral has been hired. Currently, our jobs integration is not supported with ADP Workforce Now. If you are using WFN as your ATS, please contact your Customer Success Manager to set up a job feed so we can sync with your career site.

NOTE: If you need help learning about ADP Workforce Now's reporting capabilities, here is a helpful resource.

Steps to Set Up

  1. Log into ADP (Administrators access may be required)
  2. Go to Reports, click on Custom Reports, then Create New
  3. Create a current employee report with the data fields indicated below
  4. Save your report as a CSV file
  5. Schedule your report to send weekly to EmployUs (See sending instructions below)

Data Type



Employee Data

Up to date list of current employees who may receive marketing messages. Please include only current employees at the time of the report. If an employee is no longer on this list, they will be marked as a former employee.

This report can also be used to check if a referral has been hired. If available, please include an employee's work and personal contact information in this report.






Start Date

Employee ID



Type (PT/FT/Executive/Interns)

Pay Type

Job ID

Sending the Report

After you configure your report, you will be able to export it as a CSV file. EmployUs uses this CSV file to pull out the necessary information on a scheduled basis each week.

Some customers may only be able to send the report internally to a current ADP user. You may add a user for EmployUs or you may forward the report to EmployUs.

You may send the report to EmployUs by emailing integrations+{companycode}@employus.com. Your company code is the part of the URL that follows: https:refer-us.com/{company-code}. Please include your name, company code (refer-us.com/{company-code}), and type of feed (i.e. employee).

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