Setting Up Your EmployUs Account

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If you do not have an account created yet for your company, you may create one here:

Step 1: Customize Settings

  • Add Job Tags (i.e. Field, Corporate, Internships)
    • This often correspond to departments or job types.
    • Limit Six Per Account (if more if needed, contact support)
  • Configure Emails
    • Recruiter Email
      • Defaults all notifications about a candidate to this person
      • Can be left blank or a general email, or a designated point person who intakes referrals
    • FAQ Contact Email
      • Receives any questions submitted via the chatbot
  • Configure Bonuses
    • Bonus = Amount with Currency as Displayed (i.e. $100 Gift Card)
    • Amount = value of bonus (i.e. 100)
    • Payout Days = number of days after start date when a payout is due (i.e. 60)
      • If you need additional reward payout milestones to support more complicated use cases, contact us.
  • Configure Chatbot
    • Job Link = The career page referrals will be redirected to applying on after indicating their interest.
    • Tagline = Headline description (i.e. Employee referrals are our #1 source of hires!)
    • Color = This color will change the button color for the chatbot
    • Shape = This shape will change the avatar
      • Non
      • Circle (most common)
      • Square
    • FAQ = Default FAQ is provided to customize. New questions can be added. Supports BOLD and Italic
  • Testing Configuration
    • Preview Chatbot → Opens chatbot in "Preview Mode" won't send a referral but will allow you to test

Step 2: Add Users

  • Add Users with permissions to access the site

Step 3: Add Messages

  • Click Messages >> Campaigns or Onboarding >> Add New Button in Bottom Right
    • Campaigns: One-off campaigns that are sent to all connectors or a selected subset of connectors at a specific time and date.
    • Onboarding: Recurring campaigns that are scheduled to be sent after new connectors are added, often triggered when you employees are hired and you would like to send them a welcome message introducing the referral program
  • Create a draft message
    • Select either Email or SMS
    • Customize the message
    • Send a test message to yourself
    • Schedule for a specific date and time for campaign messages or "Days After Added" for onboarding messages
  • If you would like to have us upload templates, please contact us

Step 4: Add Connectors

  • Click Connectors >> Add New Button in Bottom Right
  • Upload Connectors
    • Via CSV or Copy/Paste
    • Name AND (Email OR Phone)
  • Confirm connectors are added by checking under New
  • NOTE: If you have onboarding campaigns created and scheduled you will enroll new connectors in these campaigns. If you would rather send a one-off campaign to your current employees to launch your program, you may want to upload your connectors first before adding messages.

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