EmployUs + Oracle (Taleo/PeopleSoft) Integration Guide

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Congrats! You have decided to integrate EmployUs and Taleo or PeopleSoft. In order to set up the integration, you will need a Taleo administrator to configure a series of reports with your job, candidate and employee data.

This integration is can be built without incurring additional fees using the Scheduled Reporting (How to guide) functionality included in Taleo. In PeopleSoft for the employee feed, please review PeopleTools 8.52: PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

After you configure each report, you will be able to export each one as an XML feed. EmployUs uses this XML feed to pull out the necessary information on a scheduled basis (nightly or weekly). You may send the XML feed to EmployUs by emailing integrations@employus.com. Please include your name, company code (refer-us.com/{company-code}), and type of feed (job, candidate, or employee).

If you would prefer to integrate via web services to support a bi-directional integration, please contact your account manager to request a custom integration and review the information at the end of this guide.

Data Type



Job Data

Up to date list of publicly available listings for connectors to refer candidates to.






**Owner Email (Recruiter who should receive referrals)

Referral Bonus Value

Type (PT,FT, Contract, etc)

Pay Type (Salaried/Hourly, Exempt/Non-Exempt, etc)

Candidate Data

Candidate and application data to update referrals to hired. Please include the prior two weeks of hires.



**Phone Number(s)

**Job ID(s)


**Start Date(s)

Hire Date

Apply Date

Employee Data

Up to date list of current employees who may receive marketing messages. Please include only current employees at the time of the report. If an employee is no longer on this list, they will be marked as a former employee.







Type (PT/FT/Executive/Interns)

Pay Type

Taleo Web Services Integration

To create an integration, you require the following credentials and information:

  • User with System Integrator role permissions
  • Username
  • Password
  • The domain for your Taleo account, for example global.taleo.net

To set up this user, you must have Admin permissions. Then:

  • Access Taleo Enterprise Configuration screen
  • SmartOrg settings
  • User Accounts
  • Here you can create a user with the System Integrator role permissions

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