How to Bulk Create Referral Campaigns

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If you want to create more than one referral campaign at a time, you can bulk create referral campaigns.

  1. Download the template CSV file below
  2. Add your campaigns, make sure to use the correct merge tags
  3. Email the CSV file to
  4. EmployUs will upload it and double check everything is in the correct format.]

Need some inspiration?

EmployUs has built out a series of referral campaign examples based on our top performing campaigns over the past five year.

Merge Tags

FieldMerge TagExample
Connector Name{{}}Tony Stark
Connector First Name{{connector.fname}}Tony
Connector Email{{}}
Seeker Name{{}}Steve Rogers
Seeker First Name{{seeker.fname}}Steve
Seeker Email{{}}
Seeker Phone{{}}(555)555-5555
Recruiter Name{{}}Bruce Banner
Signature{{signature}}Avengers HR Team
Referral Bonus{{bonus}}$1,000
Company Name{{program}}Avengers
Referral Link{{link}}

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