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Notification Options

Referral Reminders

Sends a reminder email or text to the referral if they do not either open the referral (click the link in the email or text) after 4 days and 10 days.

Contacted Notifications

Sends an email notification to the connector when a referral is marked contacted

Hired Notifications

Sends an email notification to the connector when a referral is marked hired

Canceled Reward Notification

Sends and email notification to the connector when a referral bonus is canceled.

If you would like to preview all of your notifications, please visit:{{}}/programs/refer/templates/emails

If you would like to customize your notifications, please visit the following link and copy this master file to change it.

Additional Features

Recruiter Links

Enables each recruiter to receive their own personal link with their own chatbot

Turns on a "Recruiter Leaderboard" which measures totals connectors added, referrals recevied, and hires made

My Referrals

Allows referrals to be owned by specific recruiters and creates the ability for recruiters to search only their referrals.

Managed Rewards

Outsources rewards payout process and taxation to EmployUs. When a client turns this on, we require them to link a bank account so when a reward is approved, funds are deducted from their account and held until the payout date. Connectors are required to submit their name, email, phone, address, social security number and a payment method either their bank account information (account and routing number) or their debit card details. All of this is handled securely via Stripe.


Add a jobs tab to support job specific referrals and unique referral bonuses for specific jobs

Search LinkedIn

If Jobs are enabled, Search LinkedIn allows Connectors to click a "Search My LinkedIn Network" button on the job page. This link opens up a user's LinkedIn profile with a 1st degree connection search with the job title of the selected job.

Ex: Sales Engineer job =["F"]&origin=FACETED_SEARCH&title=Sales Engineer

Social Referrals

Allows connectors to generate a unique referral apply link and share it with potential referrals on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Anyone who applies through a connector's link will automatically be assigned to be as a referral.

Single Sign On

Allows customers to put their referral chatbot behind an SSO authentication page that requires connectors to login via the company's Single Sign On provider (GSuite, Azure, Okta, etc).

Skip Referral Note

Removes the ability for a connector to provide a reason why they are referring someone to your company

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