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Our web-based product is deployed in the Cloud. To ensure the successful deployment, two prerequisites must be met:

  1. Email Whitelisting (so emails can reach employees)
  2. Network Whitelisting (so employees can access the product on your network)

1 - Email Whitelisting

In order to ensure that users can successfully receive emails that they opt into through us, please have your Corporate IT department add us to your corporate email whitelists or enable single sender domain verification.

Single Sender Domain Verification:

You can enable single sender domain verification to send from your own email address, typically careers@company.com or referrals@company.com. In order to set this up, please fill out the following form: https://airtable.com/shru2ZWqF8jCqPLsm

Contact your support for client specific details and testing steps.

2 - Domain Whitelisting

In order to ensure that users can successfully utilize our application in their browser, please have your Corporate IT department add the following to your corporate network whitelists.

Network Whitelisting







Point your browser to: https://refer-us.com/avengers

If you are able to load the page and view jobs similar to the ones in the page shown in Figure 1 below, the whitelisting has been setup properly.

Figure 1

If the page does not load or you cannot view jobs, please work with your IT department to ensure that the domains (as noted in the Domain Whitelisting section above) has been whitelisted on your corporate network. If IT has validated that it is properly whitelisted and you are still having issues loading the page or viewing jobs, contact your Client Success Manager.

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